January 8, 2024

2023 - Legitify's Year in Review

Happy New Year 2024 from Legitify! As we step into a new year, let's take a moment to celebrate our remarkable journey in 2023. Here’s a glimpse of how far we've come:

Revenue Growth:

  • Our Gross Revenue Volumes soared by an incredible 3.5x compared to 2022.
  • Our Net Revenue Volumes increased, achieving a 4.5x growth in 2023.

Customer Base Expansion:

  • The number of paying customers grew by an impressive 4.3x in 2023.
  • Repeat customers increased by a significant 3.4x, reflecting our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Product Evolution:

  • Launched the much-anticipated 2nd version of our solution, enhancing user experience.
  • Introduced two tiers in Business Subscriptions, catering to diverse needs.
  • APIs now ready for seamless integration.

Team Expansion:

  • Our team grew over 4x, from 2 founders to now a team of 9 dedicated professionals, each bringing unique value and fueling our mission

Investment Milestone:

  • Secured new investments from both existing and new investors, strengthening our foundation - also a testament to our potential.

Other Notable Highlights:

  • Unveiled our New Website with a fresh branding update.
  • Proudly stood as a Top 10 Finalist at Valencia Digital Summit.
  • Actively participated in Slush & Web Summit, setting the stage for increased industry presence in 2024.

As we embrace 2024, we're fueled by our achievements and driven by our vision. Our focus for 2024 is to keep innovating, expanding our global reach, and enhancing our solutions to serve you better. Here's to a year of more growth, more achievements, and more success!

Join us on this exciting journey. Here's to a groundbreaking 2024!

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